At T1K1 Co, we understand the unique challenges of starting a business from scratch, and we are here to guide you through every step of the journey. Our comprehensive startup development package encompasses the essential elements needed for a successful online presence, from business name registration and brand/product design to website development, social media setup, online store creation, and targeted advertising campaigns.

In this detailed rundown, we’ll explore how T1K1 Co can seamlessly navigate the intricate process of launching your startup. From conceptualization to execution, our team is committed to delivering a tailored solution that not only reflects your brand identity but also ensures a robust online presence. Embrace the future of entrepreneurship with T1K1 Co as we embark on a collaborative journey to turn your vision into a digital reality.

✅ Do you have a business/product name in mind?

✅ Do you have photo ID ready for registrations?

✅ Do you have basic computer skills to manage your online store/Booking system?

✅ Have you got a bank account ready for incoming payments?

If not, click here for pre-requisite assistance! 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions About The Program

You could be trading within 2-3 weeks for an extensive store. This will be dependent on how quickly information requested is sent to us, and how easy domains and social media URL’s are to obtain. 

Many of the new businesses that fail skip some of the steps provided below, and as such, we have found that each of these steps are vital in ensuring success at every turn with minimal hold-up.

The initial investment for our comprehensive startup development package is $399.00, encompassing essential components such as Business Registration, Domain & Hosting, WordPress Themes & Paid Plugins, as well as the construction of websites, social media profiles, and the setup of payment gateways & CRM systems. Please note that paid advertising expenses are not included in this initial outlay and will be determined on a case-by-case basis, varying according to reach and specific requirements.

Additionally, we apply a nominal 10% fee on orders processed through your online store, whether initiated via the website or social media channels. This fee accounts for the time dedicated to providing personalized assistance, including 1-on-1 coaching and data compilation for the 12-month review. This structure is designed to align our interests with yours, fostering a collaborative approach where our success is intrinsically tied to yours. By earning a percentage of your sales, our motivation is strongly aligned with ensuring the optimal success and growth of your business.

Absolutely, this is part of the package as far as 1 on 1 coaching is concerned. Aside from showing you how to find and communicate with suppliers as well as testing wholesale products from multiple suppliers to ensure quality.

Cost of products however is NOT included in the program cost and this will be up to you to obtain to and ensure stock is available.

We sure do, no matter the service, from tradies to adult services, accountants to entertainers & sports people. We can create a business from your service and digitise your administration, payments and booking systems. It is done nearly exactly the same as the 8 Steps provided, however, an online store may be exchanged for a booking system.

Yes you can, and infact, we can show you the most cost effective ways of obtaining the staffing help you need utilising government wage subsidies and grants to get you the biggest bang for your buck. 


We will do all the hard yards throughout all these steps, we will take you though the digital and physcial requirements of each section
To register your business we need some information from you. Lets start with the form upon registration. We will be needing some personal information for business registrations and sign ups which will be stored securely on our servers. Click below to get started and soon your business will be registered.
Register Here

Step 5: Setup Shipping & Costings for Online Store

Finding the right courier or postal service can be tedious, however, we have a preferred few that we use and can integrate costs into your online store
We make this is trouble free as possble so all you have to do is have it packed and labelled and your orders will be picked up from your premisis. We create a basic tracking system whereby you enter the tracking number for each package & your customer can see it leave your door & land on theirs
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This might vary slightly dependent on your chosen business name. If we have issues obtaining exact matches we will send you options to choose from
Choose the social media platforms you would like to use, we will take care of the rest. We will register a .com and a website address, both of which will go to your future website. Then we will link the site, once built, to interact with your social media accounts.
Social Media Info

Step 6: Build A Customer Base

Sounds simple enough, however, this is an ongoing task you willbe continuing long after you are running independantly....but we will get you started!
We use a combination of ways that you can opt in/out of undertaking. This is the only exercise that is a completely seperate cost and can range from free (alot longer to build up) to paid marketing and advertising (can accelerate customer base 10x faster than unpaid)
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Step 3: Build Your Website, Online Store & Social Media

Here is where we will need a bit more from you. This can be a tedious process, however, we have streamlined it to be able trade online quickly
We will need, a logo (or we can make one), colour scheme you would like to run with as well as a detailed rundown of the products/services you will be selling. We will need images and if not already available online, a description of each product.
Get Graphics Made

Step 7: Create & Maintain CRM & Implement Suitable Systems

This is where you can get a little bit "techy". We help you identify, build, implement and utilise CRM and adjacent sales & customer management systems.
Why do you need CRM systems? Your returning loyal customers will soon outweigh your new customers and will be key in growing exponentially through the power of word-of-mouth referrals. This is easily one of the best FREE services your business could ask for, but you need a way to track & keep in contact with existing customers.
Learn How We Do It

Step 4: Payment Gateway Setup & Testing

We have opted for the use of Stripe for the easiest setup with online stores and manual payments, we will set this up & link it to your bank to get you paid!
Payments for the first 12 months will be filtered through T1K1 Co, this will ensure we can do our utmost to keep you safe from scams and be able to alert you to what we feel may be fraudulent transactions. We will send detailed reasoning for you to understand what to look for when taking payments online.
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Step 8: 1 On 1 Coaching & 12 Month Reviews

You will be getting regular ongoing coaching throughout the 12 months in the program and at the end of the 12 months we will undertake a complete review of service.
You 12 Month review will entail a report directly related to your growth as a loyal customer, and the growth shown by in your new business. We will show where you started and where you are and you can then opt to continue into an "Expansion" program or alike, or may want to start a 2nd business to follow suit. The world will be your oyster, we will just be here to guide you.
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