Extreme Sport Brand & Sponsor Management

T1K1 Co, a branding and marketing agency, has expanded its services to assist extreme sports athletes with gaining sponsorships and managing brand awareness. The agency has begun by working with Jake Wallwork, a freestyle BMX rider, to help him secure sponsorship deals and build his personal brand. T1K1 Co’s expertise in branding and marketing is being used to develop a comprehensive strategy for Wallwork that will help him to reach a wider audience and increase his visibility in the industry. With T1K1 Co’s support, Wallwork and other extreme sports athletes can focus on their craft while the agency takes care of their branding and marketing needs.

Jake Wallwork is a freestyle BMX rider who has gained recognition for his skills in the sport. With a passion for BMX from a young age, Wallwork has honed his skills over the years and competed in various competitions around the world. He has become known for his impressive tricks and style on the bike, as well as his positive attitude and dedication to the sport. With the support of T1K1 Co, Wallwork is looking to take his career to the next level

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