Hotwheels Themepark Branding

The Hotwheels signage and branding for Dreamworlds Sidewinder rollercoaster was an exciting process that aimed to capture the essence of the beloved toy brand. The design team at T1K1 Co worked closely with the Hotwheels team to create a dynamic and thrilling rollercoaster experience that would appeal to visitors of all ages.

The signage and branding for the ride was carefully crafted to showcase the iconic Hotwheels logo and incorporate elements of the brand’s signature bold colours and designs. The end result was a visually stunning rollercoaster that not only lived up to the Hotwheels name but also provided an unforgettable experience for park visitors. From the moment visitors entered the ride area, they were immersed in the world of Hotwheels, with signage and branding that perfectly complemented the ride’s exciting twists and turns.

Fast-tracked process to undertake the development of the signage and branding for Hotwheels Sidewinder rollercoaster at Dreamworld in collaboration with the Hotwheels team. The focus was on creating a visually stunning and immersive experience that captures the essence of the Hotwheels brand.

Although the ride has since been superseded, the Hotwheels Sidewinder Roller Coaster at Dreamworld was a thrilling ride that takes visitors on a high-speed adventure through twists, turns, and loops. The ride featured bold Hotwheels branding and signage that immerses visitors in the world of the iconic toy brand. With its exciting design and immersive theming, the Hotwheels Sidewinder Roller Coaster offered visitors an unforgettable experience that perfectly captures the spirit of the Hotwheels brand.

Dreamworld Gold Coast & Mattel Australia
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