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By ticking the above box, you hereby authorize and grant permission to T1K1 Co, hereinafter referred to as the "Authorized Representative," to undertake and perform all necessary business activities associated with the setting up and establishment of a new business on your behalf.

This authorization includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Business Registration: The Authorized Representative is authorized to initiate and complete all necessary legal processes and documentation required for the registration and establishment of the business, including but not limited to, business name registration, incorporation, and obtaining relevant permits.

Financial Transactions: The Authorized Representative is authorized to open and manage bank accounts, sign financial agreements, and perform any financial transactions necessary for the establishment and operation of the business.

Contractual Agreements: The Authorized Representative is authorized to negotiate, enter into, and sign contracts, agreements, and other legal documents on my behalf, provided that such agreements are directly related to the establishment and operation of the business.

Communication: The Authorized Representative is authorized to communicate with relevant government authorities, financial institutions, and any other third parties involved in the business setup process.

I understand that this authorization is granted for the sole purpose of facilitating the setup and establishment of the business, and it does not grant the Authorized Representative authority beyond the scope specified herein.

This authorization is effective from date of submission and will remain in effect for a minimum of 365 days unless revoked in writing by you. Written correspondence should be sent via email to and a response received confirming receipt of request.

I acknowledge that I remain ultimately responsible for any legal or financial consequences arising from the actions of the Authorized Representative on my behalf.
I agree to the following charge:
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